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So We Know We Can Dance

“If you Know what you are doing, you Can do what you want” – Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc.


(verb) to move one’s body rhythmically usually to music: to engage in or perform a dance,

dance is a performing art, it is when people move to a musical rhythm

Merriam-Webster's online dictionary

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You are already dancing when simply moving to a certain rhythm. Think about automatically shifting your weight from side to side when hearing a song or walking on a beat when hearing a drumming band. 


In a So We Know We Can Dance workshop, you are expanding your ability to dance with more fluidity, ease and enjoyment while broadening your dance movement repertoire. 


If you are already an experienced dancer, So We Know We Can Dance will deepen your understanding of dance.

All levels & abilities are welcome to move gently and get to know your inner dance!

"Make the impossible  possible, the possible  easy, and the easy  elegant."

– Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc.

In a single workshop, you will be guided through a Feldenkrais® movement sequence (Awareness Through Movement®). You will start by lying on the floor, sitting or standing to explore how to use your hips, pelvis, torso, chest, arms and legs, and find how these are connected in movement.

The movements are gentle and enjoyable. You will then experiment with how your body movements evolve into simple dance steps. As the music is added, the emergent dance becomes fun!

So We Know We Can Dance®
Instructional Videos

Streaming, Download, DVD, and USB available. 


Get to know your inner dance from home with our guided videos. Convenient Learning, Anytime, Anywhere at You Own Pace!


Antoinette Vastenburg

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionerᶜᵐ
Physical Therapist


Antoinette knows everyone can dance and move well. We are born with more or less the same abilities. Whether we explore dance depends on the circumstance, interest, and often times the culture we live in.

"Moving smarter makes your dancing easier."


see what people are saying about their experience!


"I enjoy Antoinette's unique class and love applying the Feldenkrais exercises to our dance routines.  

She is a skilled teacher who very clearly enjoys her work. This class is for all levels and all ages."


"Believe me when i tell you, I’m no dancer! I’ve always felt too intimidated to sign up for a dance class, but was intrigued by Antoinette’s description. Antoinette has a wonderful way of presenting complicated dance moves and makes the whole process so much fun. Sensual music, laughs, and lots of wiggle-oh la la!"


"I have attended Antoinette's classes for the past few months and have noticed significant increase in my muscle flexibility. For years, I have managed chronic pain and I find the classes help me adapt to the body movements at my own pace and capacity. Thus I have been able to continue to build strength and flexibility with each class. Antoinette applies her expertise to teaching and shares her passion for dance that transmits healthy fun!"


"A seamless relationship of advanced technique and movement joy through the art of dance"

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