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Movement Fun

I like to move and I am always seeking it. Ask my mom. She can tell you stories about how I moved and used my feet constantly playing with a ball in my crib. And… well, just ask her.

I became a physical therapist because of my interest in movement. From there it was natural to expand my practice to include the movement wisdom of the Feldenkrais Method ®. Then there is the music. How can you not want to move to a certain beat or to the infectious rhythms of African drums? I just can’t help myself. Such fun! For me, dancing is to keep on moving, creating steps while listening to the music.

The other day, I did a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lesson on the floor. It was about opening up the hip by turning the spine and pelvis to lengthen the hip adductor; the inner thigh muscles. I had a great time with this. The next day I happened to be moving to some music and before I knew it, I was opening my hip, lengthening the adductors while turning and even jumping with it. The freedom of doing all of this to music, what a blast! I can’t tell you how good that feels.

What else can I do but share such fun, exciting movements with you?

Stay tuned. This particular dance movement will come back in a future live or prerecorded work shop. If you wish to be included in my email list for future live/in person work shop notifications or periodic newsletters, you can contact me via

Workshops most likely will be starting up again in the fall of 2021 for Boulder, CO. You can look at the SHOP page of my website to see what is currently available for prerecorded Workshops and Awareness Through Movement lessons.

In the meantime. Keep on moving and keep on dancing!




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